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Freestyle Classes

Freestyle Classes

Freestyle classes focus on more advance Learn to Skate skills including jumping, spinning and gliding maneuvers.

The primary program goal is for every skater to correctly learn all the skills introduced in a level before advancing to the next level.

Freestyle Levels I, II and III (6-14 year olds)

FS Level - I

  • Waltz jump and half flip
  • Forward spiral, 2-foot spin and forward inside pivot
  • Backwards inner and outer edges

FS Level - II

  • Ballet jump and half toe walley
  • Half lutz and 1-foot spin
  • Forward edge spirals and dance step sequence

FS Level III

  • Toe loop or toe walley and salchow
  • Back pivot and backward spiral
  • Change foot spin and dance step sequence

Freestyle Levels IV and V (6-14 year olds)

FS Level - IV

  • Flip jump, half loop jump, loop jump and sit-spin
  • Left and right backward edge spirals
  • Dance step sequence

FS Level - V

  • Lutz jump and camel spin
  • Camel-sit spin
  • Back scratch apin and axel jump