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Our Nov/Dec session will start 10/23/18 and ends 12/9/18

TSC offers a complete program of activities for beginner skaters to elite and Olympic athletes. Whatever your level or interest, our goal is to make your skating experience a success.

The Skating Department and its professional staff share a love of skating and an unmatched standard of quality. Accompanying a wealth of expertise is a genuine caring for each skater and his or her individual needs.

The Skating School administers all of the ice-skating activities including:

  • Learn to Skate & Learn to Play Hockey Programs
  • Skating Classes, Private Instruction, Freestyle Sessions
  • Winter Holiday Show
  • Winter Fast Track Classes
  • Summer of Excellence - Figure Skating Camp
  • Step Up To The Next Level - Training Camp 101
  • Spring Fling ISI Open Competition
  • Be A Star ISI In-House Competition

The Skating School is affiliated with:


The Toyota Sports Center offers Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey classes throughout the year.  These classes are designed to teach the fundamentals of skating so individuals can continue on as a hockey player, figure skater or recreational skater. The primary program goal is for every skater to correctly learn all the skills introduced in a level before advancing to the next level.


Beach Babies (3-4 years old)

If your child is ages 3-4 and has never skated, this is the starting point. Beach Baby classes are based on the ISI weSkate Program. Beach Babies are Parent and Me format.  Children learn a little bit of skating while having fun.

Tot Levels I and II (4-5 year olds)

Children will advance through Tot levels 1-4 with each level gradually becoming more challenging.
Tot Level - I

  • Proper way to fall and get up.
  • Marching in place
  • Marching while moving

Tot Level - II

  • 2-foot jump
  • Single swizzle
  • 2-foot glide

Tot Levels III and IV (4-5 year olds)

Tot Level - III

  • Push and glide stroking
  • Preparation for snowplow stop
  • Dip and forward swizzle

Tot Level - IV

  • Left and right T-position puch
  • backward swizzle
  • 2-foot snow plow and backward wiggle

Pre-Alpha (6-14 year olds)

  • 2-foot glide and 1-foot glide
  • Forward swizzle
  • backward wiggle and backward swizzle

Alpha and Beta (6-14 year olds)


  • Forward stroking
  • Left and Right forward crossovers
  • 1-foot snowplow stop


  • Backward stroking
  • Left and right backward crossovers
  • Left and right T-stop

Gamma and Delta (6-14 year olds)


  • Left and right outside 3-turn
  • Left and right open mohawk combination
  • hockey stop


  • Left and right inside 3-turn
  • Inside and outside edges
  • Shoot-the-duck, lunge and bunny hop


Learn To Play Hockey (4-5 year olds)

The primary program goal is for every skater to correctly learn all the skills introduced in a level before advancing to the next level.

Hockey Tot - Level I

  • Entry Level
  • Proper way to fall and get up

Hockey Tot - Level II

  • Forward and backward skating
  • Stick handling

Hockey Classes (6-14 year olds and Adults)

Hockey - Level I

  • Entry Level - teaches beginning hockey technique
  • Hockey helmet with cage and hockey gloves are required
  • 30 minute class

Hockey - Level II

  • Stick handling and puck control
  • Full protective gear is required
  • 30 minute class

Hockey - Level III

  • Instruction on game fundamentals and skating technique
  • Puck control, passing, shooting and team play
  • Full protective gear is required
  • 1 hour class


Freestyle Classes

Freestyle classes focus on more advance Learn to Skate skills including jumping, spinning and gliding maneuvers. The primary program goal is for every skater to correctly learn all the skills introduced in a level before advancing to the next level.

Freestyle Levels I, II and III (6-14 year olds)

FS Level - I

  • Waltz jump and half flip
  • Forward spiral, 2-foot spin and forward inside pivot
  • Backwards inner and outer edges

FS Level - II

  • Ballet jump and half toe walley
  • Half lutz and 1-foot spin
  • Forward edge spirals and dance step sequence

FS Level III

  • Toe loop or toe walley and salchow
  • Back pivot and backward spiral
  • Change foot spin and dance step sequence

Freestyle Levels IV and V (6-14 year olds)

FS Level - IV

  • Flip jump, half loop jump, loop jump and sit-spin
  • Left and right backward edge spirals
  • Dance step sequence

FS Level - V

  • Lutz jump and camel spin
  • Camel-sit spin
  • Back scratch apin and axel jump


Our advanced and specialty classes are designed to expand your skating skills and focus on specific aspects of skating. These classes are a great way to improve and build upon your skating foundation and explore intricate and more creative pathways of the skating.



Toyota Sports Center is proud to announce the acquisition of Dartfish! Dartfish is a state-of-the-art video analysis software analysis tool is widely used at figure skating training centers by coaches. Ice hockey and speed skaters can benefit from their coaching using this tool. Competitive single free skaters. pair skaters, ice dancers, synchronized skating teams, Theater on Ice teams, and Showcase skaters and groups - everyone can benefit from this equipment being available.

Dartfish allows coaches to capture video with unparalleled ease using a remote control, DV camera, and a laptop computer. The computer allows coaches to store and analyze vast amounts of video material quickly and give appropriate feedback almost instantly. This speeds the learning process and creates a safer learning environment as multiple measurements can be accurately tracked. 

The video can then be transferred to CDROM, or DVDROM. This makes consulting and distance learning a snap. Just imagine being able to send your individual or synchro program to a world level coach, technical specialist and/or judge who could view it using the detailed video analysis tool to provide feedback on skills, technical elements, comment on the levels of ISJ elements performed, etc. USFS is looking at this tool to provide coaches, technicians and judges visual training on new standards and/or rule changes. The opportunities are vast!


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